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Hi guys i’m so so happy that you came back because you will not want to miss this post, because it’s about christmas!  I don’t know about you guys, but i’m personally a really big christmas fan. I love, and I mean love, christmas.  It’s my favorite time of year I love driving down the streets and looking at all the lights on all the houses.  I love the excitement of christmas morning, going down stairs and opening up all the presents.  I also really love christmas cookies; gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies although shortbread cookies are my favorite christmas cookies. I love decorating them with icing and candy decorations. Another thing I love is christmas shopping.  I love getting to go to all my favorite stores and buy gifts for my family and friends.  But I think my FAVORITE thing about christmas and winter is the snow. Since I live in the comox valley, whenever it snows everyone immediately gets excited.  I love love love snow! Yesterday we had our first snow fall, we didn’t get a lot, but just enough to cover the ground so it looks like there’s lots of snow.  Only 18 days until christmas!!!

Thanks for coming to my blog, if you want to come check out your blog comment on my post and tell me what you love about christmas.


4 thoughts on “Christmas!

  1. Tyler

    Hey Kassidy

    Hi Kassidy, I’m a huge Christmas fan too because I love the whole feeling of people being in there best moods and the SNOW! I just love when it snows its magical just like Santa. I’m also really like sugar cookies too. I also get really excited about Christmas morning and decorating the tree cause thats Christmas to me.

    1. Kassidy Post author

      Hello Tyler,
      Thanks for coming to my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed my post and I agree at Christmas really feels magical!
      come again soon:)

  2. Lyric

    Hey Kassidy,
    This post has gotten me in quite the Christmas spirit! I like the positive way you look at our minimal snowfall, it kind of does look like more now! I also enjoy Christmas cookies, gingerbread, oatmeal, and shortbread too! I remember when we tried to make shortbread at my house, except we didn’t have vanilla extract… or sugar! At least they tasted good though, and they were a treat to make.
    Happy Holidays!


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